Jingdong UAV Flight Service Center

Jingdong UAV Flight Service Center, belonging to Jingdong Group, is the world's first intelligent logistics operation and dispatching center and also a training and transportation base for advanced UAV personnel in intelligent logistics, with the goal of creating " Huangpu Military Academy" in the UAV industry.


Jingdong Feifu is a professional training organization approved by AOPA. It has professional qualification certification for UAV drivers, training for multiple rotors, helicopters and other types of aircraft, and is the only training organization in China with application training capability for logistics UAV.


JD.com's training of flight attendants meets the demand for future development talents in the unmanned aerial vehicle industry. Students can not only master the flying, debugging, assembly and maintenance skills of unmanned aerial vehicles, but also work in the fields of logistics distribution, agriculture, forestry and plant protection, aerial photography and mapping, public security and anti-terrorism and forest fire prevention after training in the application of the industry, and become high-tech talents in the unmanned aerial vehicle industry.