Brief Introduction to Jingdong's Unmanned Warehouse

Jingdong unmanned warehouse is an efficient unmanned warehouse integrating intelligent logistics equipment, realizing high-density three-dimensional storage and full-automatic production. The unmanned warehouse uses a large number of intelligent robots for multi-link and full-process operations. Artificial intelligence algorithm guides production, big data and e-commerce business are closely combined to solve the problem of commodity layout, intelligent scheduling system solves the problem of matching production links, and modular design solves the problem of warehouse flexibility and expansion. Deep exploration includes machine learning, image recognition and other frontier issues and applications. The landing of the unmanned warehouse plan will greatly reduce the storage cost and improve the storage efficiency. This intelligent logistics system will lead the e-commerce logistics industry to achieve a comprehensive transformation and upgrade.'s unmanned warehouse is a customized and systematic overall logistics solution developed by itself, with complete independent intellectual property rights and more than 100 patent applications. uses a large number of intelligent logistics robots to coordinate and cooperate, and gives wisdom to traditional industrial robots through advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, in-depth learning, intelligent image recognition and big data application.


Jingdong changed the pattern of the whole logistics warehousing production mode through the integration of intelligent robots. A series of logistics robots, such as carrying robots, rack shuttles, sorting robots, stacking robots, six-axis robots, and unmanned forklifts, have formed a complete intelligent logistics scene for large, medium and small commodities in unmanned warehouses.'s current " unmanned warehouse" storage efficiency is more than 10 times the storage efficiency of the traditional crossbeam shelf, and the picking speed of the parallel robot can reach 3600 times per hour, which is 5 - 6 times that of the traditional manual.


Jingdong's " unmanned warehouse" represents a new third generation logistics system technology, realizing a revolutionary breakthrough from automation to intelligence. The birth of " unmanned warehouse" has become the inflection point of's technology logistics and the first complete scene of intelligent logistics.