From the current development point of view, " new logistics" has the following characteristics

First, judging from the development cycle of logistics itself, 2019 - 2022 will be an important node for the alternation of the old and new logistics cycles.


Second, from the perspective of national policies, relevant policies in the field of logistics have been issued intensively to support and encourage the innovative development of the logistics industry and pave the way for the logistics industry to enter a new cycle.


Third, from the perspective of investment and financing, the movement and pace of capital entering the logistics field in the past two years have increased and accelerated significantly, and the enthusiasm of capital will push the logistics industry into a new cycle from inside to outside.


Fourth, from the perspective of science and technology application, new logistics technologies are gradually integrated into various logistics operation links, or changing operation modes, or improving operation efficiency, or reducing overall costs, injecting new vitality into the logistics industry from different dimensions and different levels.


We believe that in the " new logistics" era, logistics technology and large-scale application of logistics technology will have very important characteristics. According to the " Research Report on China's Logistics Science and Technology Development in 2018" released recently, logistics-related technologies such as Internet of Things, Big Data, Robotics and Automation, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, New Energy Vehicles and Cargo Identification are expected to be commercialized on a large scale within 3 - 5 years if only evaluated from a technical perspective.