What is " new logistics"?

Since this year, in the domestic logistics industry, the word " new logistics" has appeared with a high frequency, whether in government leaders' speeches, experts' reports in theoretical circles or in enterprises' speeches. So, what is " new logistics"?


In all aspects, we believe that " new logistics" is based on the in-depth application of information technologies such as the Internet, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and cloud computing, and combines with the mechanization, automation and standardization of traditional logistics, so as to meet the personalized needs of users and fully mobilize the potential of resources. It has the characteristics of transparency, flexibility, coordination and instant response, and can effectively support commercial innovation such as retailing, so as to realize the logistics development direction of efficient, green and safe operation.


Why should we put forward " new logistics" at this stage?


We believe that with the second information revolution and the third global industrial transfer, China's digital economy and its supporting industries are entering the second stage of development, and China's logistics industry is also facing an explosive growth opportunity. It is particularly urgent for the domestic logistics industry to upgrade its intelligence in automation, visualization, controllability and networking. That is, the logistics industry will enter a new era.