Management innovation

Logistics innovation is a systematic work, not only in terms of technical means, but also in terms of management concepts. It is an all-round innovation of the whole logistics process, integrating innovation activities into all aspects and links of logistics activities. According to the content and function of logistics innovation, it can be summed up in three aspects: logistics system innovation, logistics management innovation and logistics technology innovation.


Logistics park


The logistics park is a logistics gathering area where facilities and places are provided for many logistics enterprises in order to realize the intensification of logistics facilities and the common operation of logistics, centralized construction and unified subject management.


As an important infrastructure of modern logistics service system, logistics park is the objective requirement and inevitable product of logistics development to a certain stage. It has the advantages of centralized layout, land saving, facilities sharing and function integration. It is of great significance to improve the efficiency of social logistics service, promote the adjustment of industrial structure, change the mode of economic development and improve the competitiveness of the national economy.