Data driven

In an increasingly digital and interconnected world, Internet retailers compete fiercely for customer loyalty. As one of the competitive advantages of differentiation, logistics is accurate and efficient. How to provide the products and services required by customers with increasingly stringent requirements at the time and place required by users? At present, based on real-time tracking technology, the Internet of Things ( IOT ) provides an opportunity for supply chain optimization. Logistics, as one of the most core links, is facing a new drive from big data.


System integration


Science and technology are profoundly changing logistics, and intelligence is also accelerating the deep integration of technology, industry and capital in logistics. How to integrate science and technology, capital and industry to become a system integrator in logistics industry will drive the change of logistics industry, technology trend, supply and demand integration and create new value for application-oriented innovation and cooperation.


At present, new technology and big capital are changing the logistics pattern. From the perspectives of enterprise transformation, service transformation and industrial upgrading, this paper analyzes and discusses industrial opportunities, technological breakthroughs and capital strength, and forerunners share in actual combat in order to provide reference for the industry.