The logistics industry is facing an inflection point, and new technology has given birth to a new pattern of intelligent logistics

The new era of China's logistics is coming with the continuous renewal of new technologies and is changing with each passing day. At present, China and the global logistics industry are in the process of transformation and upgrading of new technologies, new formats and new models. At the same time, they need to become bigger, stronger, more refined and more detailed, and also need to become new momentum for economic development. The new technology dividend is reshaping China's logistics value chain and the new pattern of logistics industry and rebuilding the new support of China's economy.


With the vigorous development of intelligence and information data industry, the innovation under " internet plus" has penetrated into various fields of traditional industries, and has become a new kinetic energy for the new round of transformation and upgrading and leading development of logistics industry.


Intelligent logistics


At present, the logistics industry is facing a new turning point in the transition from the Internet to the Internet of Things. Industry 4.0 is widely known and naturally integrated into the field of logistics warehousing automation. In recent years, the emergence of modern technologies such as logistics warehouse automation and intelligent warehouse has closely linked the automation modules that originally operated independently through information technology, thus bringing about a qualitative leap in the overall system.


This also gave birth to the rapid development of intelligent logistics. Big Data and Smart Logistics continue to practice the application of Big Data technology and supply chain innovation models in logistics management, including sales forecasting, automatic replenishment, order splitting control, global optimization of picking, distribution provider analysis, intelligent dispatching of vehicles in the city, and innovation models such as SLC and pallet recycling.