New logistics technology|Commissioning of Logistics Auto - on - line Elevated Storehouse in SAIC Volkswagen Battery Workshop

SAIC Volkswagen's high-voltage battery assembly workshop project is a landing project led by " 2025 Strategy" to meet the production demand of SAIC Volkswagen MQB platform electric vehicle high-voltage battery. At present, the project has entered the critical sprint stage before mass production.


In the high-voltage battery project, the logistics team has put in a number of new technologies. Recently, another important logistics equipment, the automatic on-line elevated library, has started to run.


Project background


In the early planning of high voltage battery workshop, based on lean planning and making full use of existing resources, an old paint workshop was selected to be transformed into a high voltage battery assembly workshop. At the same time of saving civil engineering investment, it also brings huge challenges with extremely limited area resources. Facing the high JPH beat of PHEV / BEV, the logistics team overcame many difficulties and introduced automatic on-line elevated warehouse equipment for the module, lower case and battery finished products to realize automatic on-line and off-line of materials, optimizing the logistics usage area and corresponding logistics personnel.