Jingdong - Self - Owned Warehouse

JD.com's business model is completely different from Alibaba's. It sells goods from its own warehouse directly to consumers. In logistics, 360buy also chose to set up its own proprietary logistics network: build warehouses and hire a large number of couriers to serve customers all over the country. At present, JD.com's logistics speed and after-sales guarantee do bring customers a better shopping experience.


JD.com has also made more investment in the development of logistics technology. In May, JD.com announced the unmanned truck technology developed by its US research center. The driverless truck reached the level of " Level 4" autopilot. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's driverless car program, this level means being able to " fully drive" and perform all safety-critical functions without human presence.


Like rookies, JD.com has also developed a small self-driving delivery car and is currently testing it on the university campus in Beijing. In addition, JD.com also developed unmanned aerial vehicles for rural delivery and set up a delivery unmanned aerial vehicle dispatching center in Suqian city in northern Jiangsu province to conduct unmanned aerial vehicle delivery tests.


The prosperous e-commerce industry and the developed logistics system have brought many conveniences to our life. The continuously developing unmanned technology has provided more possibilities for the logistics industry. Perhaps we can get express delivery directly from the unmanned aerial vehicle in the future ~