Solving the " Last 100m" Problem

At the beginning of this year, the world's first unmanned intelligent distribution station independently developed by was completed and put into use in Xi 'an, Shaanxi. Reporters learned that the unmanned intelligent distribution station can store at least 28 containers with one delivery box, which can store and charge a terminal unmanned vehicle. When the distribution station is in operation, the UAV sends the goods to the top of the unmanned intelligent distribution station and unloads the goods automatically. The goods will be automatically transferred and distributed internally, 100 % of the way from warehousing, packaging to sorting and loading will be operated by robots, and finally the distribution will be completed by the distribution robots.


" End unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned vehicles are important means to solve the problem of" last kilometer " distribution in urban and rural areas. Unmanned intelligent distribution stations have become the transfer stations connecting the two to realize the entire unmanned distribution, which is an important part to solve the problem of unmanned end distribution. Xiao Jun, vice president of Group and president of Division X, said's unmanned intelligent distribution station is suitable for various environments such as urban and rural mountainous areas, and provides services such as self - lifting, return and return of goods, and receiving and sending of goods. With the widespread use of unmanned intelligent distribution stations, it is just around the corner to help users in urban and rural mountainous areas to more effectively solve the " last kilometer" of distribution problems in urban and rural areas.


What if there is no one at home when the express arrives? The smart express box launched by Cainiao Network recently can solve this problem. According to reports, only a mini-type intelligent express box needs to be installed at the door of the home, and consumers and express agents can bind and manage their inboxes through the WeChat applet. The courier sweeps the packing and placing parts through the small program, and the owner unpacks and takes the parts through the small program with one key. It can be imagined that through the intelligent express box, fresh products such as express, take-away and milk can be delivered directly to the consumer's door in the future, and the " last 100m" pain points of express delivery such as no pick-up at home and taking things off the stairs are expected to be resolved.


With the application of big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the logistics industry is gradually becoming " unmanned" in many aspects, and competition among enterprises is also fully developed., along with Alibaba and Suning, has unveiled its " unmanned warehouse" one after another. Amazon and Shunfeng Express have launched unmanned aircraft distribution business to seize the first opportunity of unmanned logistics