New technologies and new products are constantly emerging

At Suning Logistics Base in Fengxian District, Shanghai, the reporter of Economic Daily saw that the AGV ( Automatic Guided Transport Vehicle ) robot warehouse has only a few workers but hundreds of AGV robots within thousands of square meters.


The AGV robot, which looks like an " enlarged version" household sweeping robot, has a diameter of one meter and a height of half a meter, can carry 800 kilograms of goods freely and can easily " carry" 200 computer monitors. Here, the selection of goods is no longer about people running around the shelves, but waiting for robots to queue up to " run" over the shelves and carry the shelves through mobile robots to realize the " arrival of goods" selection, breaking the traditional " arrival of people" selection mode. According to the site staff, an AGV robot can replace 10 workers, the average picking time for a single item is 10 seconds, and the picking accuracy can reach more than 99.99 %.


In addition to sorting robots, unmanned vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles used for express delivery have also made frequent appearances. The all-electric composite wing vertical take-off and landing UAV displayed by zhongtong express co., ltd at the 5th China ( Beijing ) international service trade fair has a maximum payload of 30kg and a range of 100km. According to the staff of Zhongtong Express, the plane's double tail support fixed wing combined with the compound wing layout of the four rotors solves the problem of vertical take-off and landing of fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles, and has the characteristics of long flight time, fast speed and long flight distance of fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles.


At Kafka Community in Huang Qu, an unmanned yellow car pulled up to the gate of the community and stopped to say to the security guard, " Hello, open the door for me. " - In June 2018, the upgraded Suning unmanned car" Wolong No. 1 " entered the Huang Qu store of Suning Store in Beijing and began its normal operation. This is also the first unmanned express car in China to put into the normal operation of live-action operation.


" Unmanned technology" not only developed rapidly in the traditional express delivery industry, but also began to test water in succession. At the release of the unmanned distribution open platform held by the US delegation a few days ago, Wang Huiwen, co-founder and senior vice president of the US delegation, ordered a delivery order for the US delegation. After more than ten minutes, the US delegation's unmanned delivery vehicle freely entered the conference site and delivered the take-out coffee to Wang Huiwen.


" New technologies and new products have all demonstrated the outstanding characteristics of the express delivery industry in the past two years. Zhao Min, deputy director of the State Post Bureau, said that in order to create a new situation of high-quality development of China's express delivery industry, we must adhere to the drive of scientific and technological innovation, speed up technical innovation in the express delivery field, continuously improve service quality and user experience, and provide better and better express delivery services to the broad masses of the people.