The development summit forum of small and medium-sized cross-border e-commerce logistics enterprise alliance was held ceremoniously

On September 16, 2018, the development summit forum of the small and medium-sized cross-border e-commerce logistics enterprise alliance and the publishing conference of the postal network alliance were held ceremoniously in Hangzhou Rilex Hotel.


The guiding units of this summit forum include: China cross-border electronic commerce Research Institute of Zhejiang University; China SME Association Venture Capital Association.


The media support unit is Zhejiang Economy magazine.


The organizer is Postal World ( Shenzhen ) Global Network Technology Co., Ltd ..


Co - organizers ( sorted by stroke ) include 139 International Logistics ( Beijing ) Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Dingju Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Yilong International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.; Yiwu Institute of Industry and Commerce and Yiwu Institute of Global Trade; Yiwu Russia Shun International Logistics Co., Ltd.; Beijing mailman pony technology co., ltd: Ningbo Dihang International Logistics Co., Ltd.; Alibaba Business School of Hangzhou Normal University; Hangzhou transzhitong intellectual property service co., ltd: Yichang huameng cross-border e-commerce industrial park co., ltd: Zhejiang Shihai Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.; zhejiang economic and trade polytechnic; Zhejiang Jiahang Law Firm; Shenzhen zhongteng yigou e - commerce co., ltd: Shenzhen huanmao warehouse distribution service co., ltd: Shenzhen youlida technology co., ltd: Shenzhen Guoyang Express International Logistics Co., Ltd.; Shenzhen xiapu logistics co., ltd: Green international express group co., ltd.


Professor Ma Shuzhong, president of China cross-border electronic commerce Research Institute of Zhejiang University, attended the summit forum and made an impromptu speech. He talked about cross-border e-commerce service platform from cross-border electricity talks to digital customs and EWTP. He believes that the cross-border e-commerce service platform is a concept that is constantly evolving and expanding its own boundaries, including not only existing cross-border e-commerce formats, but also platform enterprises that provide comprehensive services to small and medium-sized micro - enterprises, individual businesses and consumers in the endless new cross-border e-commerce formats. The most typical cross-border e-commerce service platforms are foreign trade comprehensive service enterprises, cross-border e-commerce retail service platforms and cross-border e-commerce logistics service platforms.


Combined with the theme of the Summit Forum, Professor Ma Shuzhong pointed out that the cross-border e-commerce logistics service platform, as an important part of the cross-border e-commerce service platform, plays a very important role in the coming of the digital trade era, the construction and landing of the digital customs and EWTP. In particular, the role of the fourth-party cross-border e-commerce logistics service platform must not be underestimated.