Improve the quality of logistics

In fact, for small and medium-sized e - commerce, smart logistics may be able to solve their logistics dilemma. Zhang Shaotong, Secretary - General of China Logistics Investment and Financing Alliance Park Working Committee and President of China LinkedUp Enterprise Management, said that small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses have a high cost of building their own warehouses and are afraid of being diverted into large e-commerce warehouses, while leasing warehouse management is more difficult and the service quality of small three-party warehouses is difficult to guarantee.


" Taken together, the root of these problems still lies in the properties of e-commerce products, such as multiple varieties, small batches and high frequency. Therefore, in logistics management, these special situations need to be dealt with. Zhang Shaotong said that their solution is to build an integrated intelligent warehouse allocation system, which can increase the effective area of existing warehouses by at least 20 %, reduce labor costs by 40 %, and improve sorting efficiency and warehouse allocation efficiency by two to three times.


Policy dividends are also being released. In 2017, the State Post Office issued the " 13th Five - Year Plan for Rapid Development of Express Industry" and " Opinions on Accelerating Structural Reform on the Supply Side of Postal Industry" to jointly emphasize the promotion and application of information technologies such as cloud computing, big data, the Internet and the Internet of Things, and to explore advanced technologies using artificial intelligence and unmanned aerial vehicles. In July 2017, the State Council issued the " New Generation of Artificial Intelligence Development Plan", which clearly points out accelerating the development and application of intelligent logistics equipment such as intelligent handling, sorting and packaging, processing and distribution.


Wang Ming, director of the National Development and Reform Commission's Comprehensive Transportation Research Institute, said that the current new round of economic and industrial development is quality manufacturing, quality circulation and quality consumption under the quality economy. For logistics enterprises and capital, it is necessary to build a smart logistics system under the Internet and finance on the path of smart logistics to improve logistics quality.


He believes that there are three areas where logistics industry can invest on a large scale under the background of transformation and upgrading, including networking infrastructure, transactions related to networking infrastructure finance and consumption, and platforms grafted on networks and transactions to provide various services.


Wang Ming said that in the future, low-level logistics enterprises will lose their survival base and market. In addition, the Internet has eliminated the " isolated island" of information and the bottleneck of interconnection between enterprises, transportation and logistics links. Information - guided logistics and transportation integration services will become the basic form of industrial development and create opportunities and conditions for the integration and development of logistics, manufacturing, commerce and other industries.