Layout of Intelligent Logistics CEO Wang Zhenhui said earlier that every change in the logistics industry is the result of interaction between consumption and industrial upgrading and technological breakthroughs, and the new generation of logistics will show the characteristics of short chain, wisdom and symbiosis. This investment in fuyou truck is undoubtedly also focused on its matching mode of supply and capacity in the vehicle transportation market by using big data and other technologies.


Fuyou truck said it would introduce more high-quality goods from logistics in the future, use big data and algorithm technology to further construct the freight rate standard and service standard for vehicle transportation, continue to explore the user portrait and order portrait technology, deeply analyze the user's basic factors, trading preferences, credit status and other factors, and finally break up and reconstruct the goods and capacity by technical means to improve the vehicle transportation efficiency.


Because the freight rate of the vehicle transportation market is generated in the process of communication and negotiation between people, the manual quotation method is inefficient and prone to corruption, the current " internet plus Logistics" platform is also improving efficiency by accumulating real and effective transaction data.


For example, according to the influence of historical transaction price, vehicle type, route, goods category, light season, market supply and demand, weather, emergency and other factors on the freight rate of the whole vehicle, Fuyou truck uses big data and artificial intelligence technology to realize quick quotation on the basis of algorithm and continuously improve the accuracy of quotation, and hopes to establish the industry freight rate standard in the future. Through these technologies, the accuracy of Fuyou's quotation can be as high as 90 % in line with the actual price of the market.


" The essence of retail industry has not changed. It is always to ensure efficiency and experience. Either you improve efficiency or reduce costs or improve user experience. " Chen Shaofeng, general manager of East China Open Business of Logistics, cited the UAV as an example. If a village sends a car to deliver a package of goods, the cost is very high, while the UAV's efficiency is difficult to judge, but the cost is very low. At present, Logistics has used drones to deliver goods in Suqian, Chengdu, Xi 'an and other places.


More often than not, intelligent technology can improve efficiency and save time. " In the process of goods warehousing, walking is the most important part of the time. Zuhongkui said that Gome's intelligent warehousing robot system for An Xun Logistics is to let robots help enterprises complete warehousing and replenishment in the entire service park.