E - commerce Logistics in the Second Half: Entering the New Position of " Smart Logistics"

After becoming an independent third-party logistics, logistics enterprises aim at intelligence, intelligence and technology logistics.


Recently, JD.com Logistics received 150 million yuan of C + round financing from Fuyou Truck to further lay out the logistics technology field. The latter is a " internet plus Logistics" platform focusing on inter-city vehicle transportation. JD.com Logistics proposed earlier at the Global New Generation Logistics Summit that the entire logistics industry is developing into a comprehensive intelligent logistics system with unmanned operation, intelligent operation and intelligent decision - making, hoping to create an unmanned intelligent logistics system in the whole supply chain of warehousing, sorting, transportation, distribution and customer service.


It's not unique. Zuhongkui, vice president of Gome's An Xun Logistics, revealed at the 2017 China Logistics and Supply Chain System Innovation and Development Conference jointly hosted by China Transport Association, China Logistics Investment and Financing Union and Shanghai Baoshan District People's Government that An Xun Logistics will immediately implement the intelligent warehousing robot system in the national warehouses to effectively link it with Gome's system.


With the increasingly mature application of mobile Internet, artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies, logistics is undergoing an era of intellectual and technological transformation. He cuiqin, president of the China information association, said that by 2025, the smart logistics market is expected to exceed one trillion yuan, and the new stage of rapid development of the digital economy has driven the rapid development of China's smart logistics industry. e - commerce and smart logistics have become an important driving force for the innovation and development of China's supply chain system.