Suning Logistics " Multi - point Multi - pole Warehousing" Layout in China

On August 14, it was reported that during Suning 818, Suning Logistics National Logistics Center added " Four Big Cafes" respectively: Hefei, Fuzhou, Tianjin and Xuzhou, which also heralded the formal inspection of hundreds of thousands of storage facilities in these four cities. Plus Beijing, Shanghai, Xi 'an and other 13 large logistics bases nationwide, Suning Logistics already has 17 national logistics centers.


Taking Hefei as an example, as the provincial capital of Anhui, it is also a strategic center for the rise of central cities. Suning Hefei Nangang Logistics Base covers 10 cities in Bozhou, Huaibei, Huainan, Chaohu, Luan, Anqing, Fuyang, Bengbu, Chuzhou and Suzhou. The improvement of the storage network has improved the local distribution efficiency. At present, Hefei's main city users can enjoy the " half - day" service, and buy it in the morning and arrive in the afternoon.