The situation under the new drug trafficking model is not optimistic

In recent years, logistics express has become a new industry, online payment and cash on delivery have become common payment methods in real life, and the demand for logistics transportation is huge, which " facilitates" these drug traffickers.


Our customs can always investigate and deal with some packages that carry drugs at the customs gate, some of which have been carefully disguised by drug dealers, some of which have been sent directly.


The " Report on China's Drug Situation in 2017" shows that drugs from the " Golden Triangle", " Golden Crescent" and the three major drug sources in South America are now fully infiltrated in China. The Internet has become a platform for drug traffickers to link up and trade, and the phenomenon of using express logistics to transport drugs has become increasingly prominent. In the whole year, 12.1 tons of drugs were seized and delivered through logistics channels, up 1.8 times over the same period of last year, of which 10 tons were delivered through logistics channels, up nearly 5 times over the same period of last year.


In the face of such a phenomenon, do we really have no way to deal with it effectively?


Not so. No matter how arrogant drug dealers are, there are always traces of drug trafficking. New industries are developing continuously, our monitoring technology will not lag behind, and our customs inspection has not slackened. In addition to the support of scientific and technological equipment, customs police dogs have been searching all night long. These police dogs have been working in their posts for a long time, checking one package after another, making a great contribution to preventing the inflow of drugs from abroad in our country. There is also the beginning of express real-name registration, which requires senders to show their identity cards and register personal information so that criminals can take advantage of it.