Dongying Anti - drug - creating a National Anti - drug Demonstration City

How to guard against the " new model" of drug trafficking when network transaction and logistics transportation become the " new model" of drug trafficking? !


With the development of Internet technology, many things can be purchased from the Internet. Developed logistics enable goods to be transported to everyone's hands very quickly.


Emerging things are like a double-edged sword, which always brings advantages and disadvantages. While online shopping brings convenience to people, it also provides opportunities for criminals to commit crimes, such as online trading and logistics.


The " New Model" of Drug Trade


Now that information technology is developed, can lawless elements rely on these evils?


The network has become a " new disguise" for drug traffickers. Unlike drug trafficking in reality, the police can directly arrest people, evidence and evidence, and drug traffickers cannot deny it. It is not easy for us to search for a person through the Internet. Network drug trafficking is different. Drug traffickers can not directly capture drug trafficking information through the network and then use logistics to transport it.


Under the new drug trafficking model, drug dealers will not use real names and addresses, commonly known as " no one at both ends of the transaction", and their communications are all in secret language. Most payments are made in virtual currencies such as WeChat, QQ, Bitcoin, Alipay and so on. These false business cards have become the " outer package" for them to evade legal sanctions.