What should we do?

First, improve the efficiency of road transport vehicles in China

We know that efficient logistics cannot be separated from standardization. If we want to standardize, we should start with laws and regulations. Standardized transportation has been put forward for many years, but it has not been taken seriously or is difficult to implement. Now with the rising logistics cost, the trend of logistics automation will become more and more obvious, and the implementation of standardization is even more urgent. For example, there is no uniform standard for such logistics equipment as pallet standard, forklift truck, cargo package size, trailer products, etc. How can manufacturers implement it? Product equipment cannot be standardized, let alone transport standardization. Therefore, the revision of GB 1589 standard will urge the manufacturers of heavy vehicles in China to strictly comply with the standard and will be more conducive to improving the efficiency of transport vehicles.


Second, ensuring a level playing field is more conducive to R & D and innovation of production enterprises


Why do you say the word fair competition? Because in the current road transportation field, some shippers often require logistics enterprises or drivers to use " tricks" such as overloading or exceeding the limit in order to save costs, and logistics enterprises sometimes have to follow in order to win the market. This leads to the phenomenon of the whole industry. If the Chinese logistics industry strictly implements the quality and size standards of road transport vehicles in the future, the competition between logistics enterprises will rely more on better services and higher innovative ideas, which is more conducive to the improvement of logistics industry services. In addition, for manufacturing enterprises, for example, the new GB 1589 stipulates that the total mass of car trains will drop from 55 tons to 49 tons, so manufacturing enterprises must find ways to produce lighter vehicles to meet the demand of carrying more goods, which is more conducive to the research and development and innovation of manufacturing enterprises. The draft of the new national standard was made public in August last year, and the official amendment was issued. After the new national standard is issued, a new change will be forthcoming.