Other measures to control transportation costs

6. Scientific design of transportation network to optimize transportation

Under the condition that freight, transportation distance, production capacity and consumption have been determined, we can make full use of operations research, linear and non-linear planning techniques in management mathematics and network technology to solve transportation organization problems and formulate scientific and reasonable transportation plans and schemes. Using the methods and means of " milk delivery line" and customized transportation, the transportation network is designed reasonably. Using GPS, GIS and other advanced technologies to track, monitor and schedule transportation activities and processes can realize the optimization of vehicles and routes, node distribution and other functions, and can also further improve transportation efficiency, improve safety, reduce losses and reduce costs.

Distribution is a functional extension of transportation, mainly serving regional transportation. Through efficient distribution, improving logistics scale efficiency and realizing joint distribution can also reduce logistics transportation costs. Select the best distribution method to realize the efficiency of vehicle operation, thus reducing the distribution cost. At the same time, it also improves the degree of supply guarantee, reduces the inventory cost and further reduces the total logistics cost.

7. Use modern logistics information system to control and reduce logistics transportation costs

The development of modern logistics can not be separated from modern logistics information system. The key of information technology is to improve the speed of information collection, processing and dissemination and the accuracy of information, realize information sharing and effectively reduce redundant information transmission. Through the effective connection between the transportation management system ( TMS ) and other management information systems, the transportation operation or business processing can be accurate and rapid. It is also conducive to the establishment of a unified strategic system for logistics management, through the data collection of information systems, to forecast and analyze, and to control and reduce logistics costs. At the same time, it can share information resources with users' demands, deal with various possible demands, adjust transportation plans in time, avoid invalid operations, reduce operation links and eliminate operation delays, thus controlling the possibility of invalid costs in logistics transportation as a whole.

8, through the integration of capacity to promote the optimal allocation of resources, reduce transportation costs

Eliminate the waste of logistics and transportation resources and the impact on efficiency caused by inter-departmental barriers, inter-enterprise barriers and regional barriers within enterprises. In order to realize information management within the enterprise, the enterprise tries to strengthen horizontal communication and information sharing through the establishment of a comprehensive information platform, change the previous relatively closed state and the " separate and complete" operation mode, share resources and implement logistics outsourcing. This can reduce the waste of resources and inefficiency caused by repeated construction among enterprises, optimize the allocation of social and enterprise resources, reduce enterprise investment and reduce transportation costs.

9. Reduce transportation costs by improving the quality of logistics transportation services

Strengthening the management of logistics transportation service quality is an effective way to reduce logistics transportation cost. Constantly improving the quality of logistics can reduce and eliminate all kinds of errors, reduce all kinds of unnecessary expenses and reduce the consumption of logistics transportation. It can maintain good reputation, attract more customers, form large-scale and intensive management, improve efficiency and fundamentally reduce logistics and transportation costs.

10, strengthen the logistics and transportation management and operation personnel training

Talent is the most important, dynamic, precious and most effective resource for an enterprise. It will determine the function of other resources and is a potential benefit. If logistics enterprises want to develop and realize modern logistics, they must attach importance to the establishment of logistics personnel. Through internal training and external introduction, we can train, use and retain talents. Through their advanced knowledge, ideas and technologies and hard work, they can optimize logistics and transportation activities, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

There are many factors that affect the cost of logistics transportation. The control measures involve not only the transportation link itself, but also the whole logistics process of the supply chain. If you want to reduce the logistics transportation cost, you must use the systematic viewpoint and method to conduct comprehensive analysis, find problems and solve them, so as to optimize the logistics transportation activities and rationalize the logistics transportation cost.