Shunfeng, yuantong, shentong and yunda grew their business volume in August

On September 19, Shunfeng Holdings released the unaudited August Express Service Business Briefing. According to the briefing, Shunfeng Holding's operating income of the express logistics business in August was 7.143 billion yuan, up 27.58 % year on year. Business volume 309 million tickets, up 27.69 % year on year, and single ticket revenue 23.12 yuan, down 0.09 % year on year.


The day before, yuantong express, Shentong Express and Yunda Shares issued unaudited August business briefs one after another, all of which continued to maintain a good development trend.

The briefing shows that Yuantong realized an express product income of 1.686 billion yuan in August, up 21.23 % year on year. The business completed 515 million votes, up 35.17 % year on year.


Shentong realized a revenue of 1.383 billion yuan for express delivery services in August, up 46.13 % year on year. Express delivery volume reached 434 million pieces, up 46.63 % year on year.

Yunda realized a revenue of 908 million yuan from express delivery services in August, up 23.04 % year on year. Business volume reached 574 million pieces, up 49.48 % year on year.

On the other hand, Yunda's growth rate is as high as 49.48 % in the closely watched business volume, and it still maintains " explosive" growth. The year-on-year growth of Yuantong and Shentong also far exceeded the industry average, especially the growth rate of Shentong's business volume reached 46.63 %, which was the best performance since this year.