Logistics and Transportation News | JD.com Logistics Hand in Hand Transportation Group to Promote Intelligent Logistics Development

On September 18, it was reported that JD.com Logistics signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the state-owned large comprehensive transportation industry group Transportation Group ( Qingdao ).

The two sides will give full play to their respective advantages, revitalize the comprehensive transportation infrastructure resources in Qingdao region with a new form of cooperation featuring ecological innovation, mode innovation and value innovation, innovate and optimize the " capillaries" of logistics, dig deeply into the development value of people, cars, goods and markets, and jointly build a " four - in - one" supply chain infrastructure based on logistics and combining business flow, capital flow and information flow.

Qiao Yelei, general manager of Jingdong Logistics Shandong Provincial Division Company, said that the comprehensive and in-depth strategic cooperation with the transportation group is the first time Jingdong Logistics has expanded the symbiotic logistics ecosystem to the urban comprehensive transportation field, which is of great significance to Jingdong Logistics.