Logistics Transport - Mobile Internet?

As of 2016, China's mobile phone penetration rate is over 96 %

Mobile has changed people's life and work.

Movement has changed the way people interact with information.

If employees spend an average of 2.5 hours per day on mobile devices, it would be wise to encourage smart phones and tablets to improve productivity.

Mobile applications can enhance workflow

Mobile applications can improve the workflow, that is, the process and procedure of daily work, so that employees can quickly and conveniently complete work procedures at any time and place without being confined to their desks. For example, a head of finance department can quickly open files with mobile applications during lunch, meetings and rides to complete invoice inspection and approval. With enterprise-class mobile applications, there is no need to squeeze into your desk to handle all your affairs.

Mobile applications help employees improve productivity

A survey asked more than 300 IT industry decision makers to assess the possible positive impact of mobile enterprise applications on enterprise productivity. Research shows that most IT decision makers believe that mobile enterprise applications are expected to improve enterprise productivity by as much as 30 - 40 %. Considering the time span of application in service to the enterprise, the employee's work efficiency and the income-generating development space of the enterprise should not be underestimated.


Chart: Impact Assessment of Mobile Enterprise Applications on Enterprise Productivity ( Source: Mobile Helix / Vans on Bourne )