Liu Yuhang's interview with China Chemical News - The E - commerce + platform of the logistics industry's development trend is starting to take effect

The chemical industry is considered as the third largest e-commerce market in the world, and is also a hot spot in the development of e-commerce at present. E - commerce will have a huge impact on the chemical industry, changing the traditional trading mode and triggering the redistribution of profits in the entire chemical industry. At present, there are many domestic chemical e-commerce platforms, and their rapid development also accelerates the construction of logistics platforms.

In July 2017, the State Council deployed to promote efficient logistics in internet plus, and intelligent logistics marked by efficient logistics in internet plus started at an accelerated pace. This has undoubtedly injected new impetus into the platform construction of hazardous chemicals logistics, and industry enterprises are increasingly calling for the construction of electronic platform for hazardous chemicals logistics. The 2018 Dangerous Chemicals Logistics Branch will also further promote the application of the Internet platform in the chemical logistics industry.

From the actual situation, due to the particularity of safety requirements, the matching platform of dangerous chemicals vehicles and goods is facing more difficult problems than ordinary goods, especially the prevention and control of safety risks is extremely important. Therefore, first, a strict enterprise certification system must be established. Second, while serving large-scale enterprises, they should expand the absorption and integration of small and retail investors as much as possible, so that these enterprises can also enjoy the convenience of e - commerce. Third, rationally face the risk of transportation of dangerous chemicals and reasonably guard against it. Fourth, pay attention to the timeliness and accuracy of platform information.