Liu Yuhang's interview with China Chemical News - The park of logistics industry development trend has become the main carrier

The policy of moving chemical enterprises into the park is having a new impact on the logistics model. Logistics enterprises will focus on the park as the main carrier and become a breakthrough to improve the management level.

The development and construction of China's chemical industry parks are mostly located in coastal areas, along the Yangtze River, key areas of chemical industry economy and chemical resource producing areas, which are close to ports and docks and public railway traffic arteries, providing convenient conditions for the development of warehousing and logistics. The abundant resources and high-density petrochemical enterprises also provide storage enterprises with sufficient supply and stable market demand and development space. According to China's current policy, all newly-built and relocated hazardous chemicals production and storage enterprises must enter the specialized chemical industry park, which has become the main carrier for the survival and development of hazardous chemicals storage enterprises.

In the new year, promoting logistics enterprises to enter the park, strengthening the functionality and safety of supporting facilities for hazardous chemicals logistics services in the park, chemical terminals in the port area, tank farms and highway ports will become the focus of logistics services in hazardous chemicals park.