Liu Yuhang's Interview with China Chemical Industry News - Continuous Innovation and Upgrading of Supply Chain of Logistics Industry Development Trend

Although the industry has made rapid development and progress in recent years, compared with foreign countries, there are still some problems in China's hazardous logistics industry, such as small scale, scattered enterprises, poor stability, and the systematization of policies and regulations to be strengthened. Dangerous chemicals logistics is an important link in the chemical industry supply chain. The current development trend of dangerous chemicals logistics is to innovate and upgrade from the whole supply chain, improve the capacity and storage matching ability of upstream and downstream, improve safety, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and make enterprises bigger and stronger and realize scale.

The multi-modal transportation of " land, water and iron" is the focus of improving the efficiency of the supply chain of dangerous chemicals. However, there has been a long-term problem that equipment is not unified and information cannot be exchanged, and the lack of openness of railway transport capacity has become the main short board. At present, the demonstration project of liquid chemical ( methanol, refined oil ) tank container iron multi-modal transportation on the high seas has been carried out, and the industry is looking forward to the liberalization of railway policy to make up for the shortage of transport capacity, improve the efficiency of hazardous logistics and reduce the logistics cost of enterprises.

Besides the third-party logistics, the fourth-party logistics, which provides planning, consulting, information systems, supply chain management and other content services for the former third-party logistics, is emerging and is expected to develop rapidly. Fourth Party Logistics will provide safe, efficient, integrated and accurate logistics services to chemical enterprises through innovation of business model and logistics model, integration of resources and effective use of capital, effectively reduce the logistics cost of shippers, create new profit growth points for enterprises, and enable the entire hazardous chemical logistics industry to embark on an open, integrated and efficient path of supply chain development and innovation.

The upsurge of intelligent logistics has led to the application of a number of international leading technologies in the field of logistics, such as intelligent warehousing, truck and cargo matching, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned driving, unmanned docks and logistics robots. A number of new industry models such as car-free transportation, drop-and-drop transportation, multi-modal transportation and green distribution have been promoted, and modern supply chain is becoming a new growth point and a new momentum of development.