The 4th Changchun International Logistics Expo

On September 15, the 4th Changchun International Logistics Expo opened, bringing together more than 400 logistics and related logistics enterprises in Changchun.

During the exhibition, in order to promote the development of Changchun's logistics industry, Changchun Logistics Association, Changchun Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Logistics Organizing Committee jointly held a Changchun logistics industry exchange meeting to exchange new technologies and share logistics experience.

Changchun Logistics Association has been established for 12 years, with more than 300 member units. There are more than 200 enterprises present at the meeting. There are more than 20 service items at the meeting, and many enterprises have introduced their own products. Zhongba Energy Technology Co., Ltd. shared the problem of fuel economy of logistics vehicles, the discount business of oil service in Changchun Chuanhua Highway Port, and the market and service of Shunhang trucks after vehicles.

After the exchange meeting, the participating enterprises conducted tour visits and business docking.

Liu Lifeng, president of Changchun Logistics Association, said that the logistics industry is a subsidiary industry, serving enterprises, service industries and government. The Association provides convenience for the logistics industry by integrating resources, reducing costs and increasing efficiency for enterprises and realizing service docking for enterprises.

At present, the state pays more and more attention to the logistics industry, and Changchun's location advantage is becoming more and more obvious. He believes that the logistics industry in Changchun will become better and better.