No one technology into the city construction, bring happiness to the citizens

As an international enterprise driven by technology and innovation, is applying its own innovation capability in intelligent logistics and unbounded retail to xiong'an new area, serving the construction of urban infrastructure with the most cutting-edge technological achievements. In addition to holding the " male horse" competition, Jingdong's unmanned technology, including unmanned supermarkets and distribution robots, has already served the lives of the citizens of Xiong 'an.

During May 1 this year, Jingdong X Unmanned Supermarket officially landed in xiong'an new area. Jingdong X Unmanned Supermarket, located in Xiong 'an Citizen Service Center, is the largest store in China at present and the first actual landing project that Jingdong helped xiong'an new area build. After more than four months of operation, " no perception" shopping has brought a new way of smart consumption to local residents. At the same time, Jingdong Distribution Robot, xiong'an new area's first intelligent terminal distribution project put into practical use, also officially put into normal operation in August this year, with the first batch of 20 distribution stops covering the public service area, administrative service area, living service area and enterprise office area of xiong'an new area Citizen Service Center.

At present, the second Jingdong X Unmanned Supermarket located in xiong'an new area Citizen Service Center has also opened, and Jingdong will create a new unbounded retail scene of " Unmanned Supermarket + Intelligent Distribution Robot". With the landing and implementation of more intelligent logistics and intelligent city projects, will exert more technical advantages to provide a more scientific and happy life for the citizens of Xiong 'an.