Intelligent Logistics Helps Xiongan Marathon Jingdong Unmanned Technology Become the Highlight of the Competition

On the morning of September 15, the much-watched 2018 Xiong 'an Marathon fired a gun at xiong'an new area Baiyangdian Station and 5,000 runners from all over the world " set out for happiness" and raced along the track of the 5 km health run and the 21.0975 km half marathon. As a sponsor of this event, Logistics, which is " faster and hotter", has cooperated with Xiong 'an Marathon for the first time, helping the event to be held with intelligent logistics, bringing a different technological experience to the scene of " Xiong 'ma" full of green, innovative, intelligent and public-spirited elements.

Helping " Male Horse" Competition, Smart Logistics Technology Appears

This year's Xiong 'an Marathon, with the slogan " Proceed to Happiness", expanded to 5000 people. Although it has just held its second session this year, based on xiong'an new area's position of " world vision, international standards and Chinese characteristics", the Xiong 'an Marathon has already achieved international vision, competition standards and high-quality event services, and has become a heavyweight marathon event that domestic and foreign runners cannot miss.

As the official sponsor of this event, Logistics has previously undertaken many marathon events such as Beijing, Wuhan and Shenzhen to appoint logistics suppliers and logistics support teams, and has become an indispensable red scenic spot in the domestic marathon competition. Logistics plays an important role whether it is the top-level service quality and efficient operation ability, or the integration of intelligent logistics technology into the competition to create the competition feature of intelligent leadership in the future.

In addition to the contestants from all over the world, representatives of high-tech entrepreneurs, institutions of higher learning and police officers stationed in Xiong 'an participated in the " Entrepreneur Run Group", " University Youth Run Group" and " City Leadership Team" respectively, and the happiness support group composed of Xiong 'an citizens also cheered the runners around the track. Along the way, the contestants witnessed the magnificent verve of the rising wisdom city and experienced the beauty of running in the blue-green ecological space through different places such as Xiong 'an Citizen Service Center, Millennium Xiulin and Baiyangdian Avenue. Among them,'s no-one technology booth has also become a punch-in point that participants cannot miss.

It is understood that brought end distribution robots and end distribution drones to " Male Horse" this time, with the distribution robots undertaking the last kilometer distribution business in the city and the end drones solving the last kilometer distribution problem in the countryside in the air. Both of them jointly completed the terminal distribution task of's integrated intelligent logistics system, attracting domestic and foreign contestants to stop at the scene.