Introduction of hydraulic lifting equipment

Fixed elevator

It is a kind of cargo lifting equipment with good lifting stability and wide application scope, which is mainly used for transporting cargo between production lines with poor height. On - line and off-line materials; adjusting the height of the workpiece when the workpiece is assembled; High feeder feeding; Lifting of components during assembly of large equipment; Mainframe bed feeding and blanking; Warehouse loading and unloading places are matched with forklifts and other handling vehicles to carry out rapid loading and unloading of goods. According to the use requirements, accessory devices can be configured for any combination, such as safety protection devices for fixed elevators. Electrical control mode; Working platform form; Power form, etc.

The correct choice of various configurations can maximize the function of the elevator and achieve the best use effect. Fixed elevators are optionally equipped with manual hydraulic power, movable turning plates that are convenient to overlap with surrounding facilities, rolling or motorized roller tables, safety contact bars to prevent foot rolling, organ type safety shields, manual or motorized rotating tables, hydraulic turning tables, safety support bars to prevent the elevator from falling, stainless steel safety nets, electric or hydraulic elevator running power systems, and universal ball table tops.