Mechanical handling equipment

Mechanical handling equipment includes cranes, crane accessories, lifting equipment, combined lifting equipment, continuous mechanical material handling equipment, lifting platforms, railcars, lifts and elevator accessories, etc.

At present, the main loading and unloading and handling equipment in the field of logistics are forklifts, wheelbarrows, manual handling vehicles, stackers, tractors and flatcars, automatic guided handling vehicles, cranes, stackers, continuous conveying machines and palletizing robots

Today, I mainly talk about forklift trucks.

Forklift concept: Forklift truck is short for forklift truck, also known as forklift truck, which refers to the lifting vehicle used by fork or other working devices to load and unload goods on their own, and belongs to logistics handling machinery.

The main technical parameters of forklift are rated load and maximum lifting height.

Forklift features ( 1 ) high degree of mechanization ( 2 ) good versatility; ( 3 ) good mobility; ( 4 ) can improve the utilization rate of warehouse volume; ( 5 ) It is advantageous to carry out the transportation and concentration of pallets in groups; ( 6 ) saving labor;

Balanced forklift

The invention has the characteristics of simple operation, strong mobility, high production efficiency and the like. For stations, ports, warehouses, freight yards and other occasions.


Leg - inserting forklift

It has the characteristics of simple structure, small size and so on, and is suitable for carrying and stacking in narrow passages and warehouses.


Forward forklift

It has the characteristics of light weight, slow and stable walking speed, and is suitable for small venues such as indoor warehouses and distribution centers

Loading and unloading.


Side forklift

Suitable for loading, unloading and transporting long strip materials