Third - party logistics

Third - party logistics refers to the logistics services provided to the first party through contracts by third parties other than the actual demand side ( first party ) and the actual supply side ( second party ) of logistics, also known as contract logistics and contract logistics.

To judge the service capability of third-party logistics enterprises mainly includes the following indicators: delivery punctuality rate, cargo damage rate, customer complaint rate, response speed to logistics service demand, service flexibility, and corporate culture compatibility.

Simply speaking, the fourth party logistics provides logistics planning, consulting, logistics information system, supply chain management and other activities for the first party, the second party and the third party. The fourth party does not actually undertake specific logistics operations.

There are not many references to " fifth party logistics" ( 5pl ) at present, and a complete and systematic understanding has not yet been formed. Some people think that it is a party engaged in logistics personnel training, others think that it should be a party dedicated to providing information support to the other four parties, and a party providing the whole logistics solution service for supply chain logistics system optimization, supply chain capital operation and so on.