Electronic Logistics

Features of Electronic Logistics1 ) Systematization 2 ) Informationization 3 ) Networking 4 ) Automation and Intelligence 5 ) Virtualization 6 ) Greening


The objective of the logistics system is called " 7R" for short. If an enterprise wants to give full play to the best effect of the logistics system, it must consider all the activities in the logistics system as a whole and plan carefully so as to rationalize all the logistics operation arrangements, modernize the means and minimize the total cost.


E - commerce and Enterprise Management

1. Adapt to the logistics needs of e-commerce development

2. Effectively meet the requirements of supply chain visibility

3. Adapt to the needs of the global development of logistics operations

4. Meet the needs of customers for logistics services

E - logistics service platform: an e-business operation platform that performs various functions of e-logistics to meet the needs of customers and organically integrates personnel, processes and technologies.

Types of electronic logistics service platforms: electronic logistics customer management and service platform, electronic logistics information sharing platform, electronic logistics collaborative operation platform and electronic logistics management platform