JD X Division

Jingdong X Division was established on May 13, 2016, formerly known as Jingdong Logistics Laboratory, focusing on research and development and application of intelligent logistics and unmanned technology. It carries a series of black technology projects such as Jingdong UAV, unmanned car, unmanned warehouse and unmanned supermarket, and is exploring and innovating in more new fields.


Jingdong no one warehouse

Jingdong unmanned warehouse is an efficient unmanned warehouse integrating intelligent logistics equipment, realizing high-density three-dimensional storage and full-automatic production. The unmanned warehouse uses a large number of intelligent robots for multi-link and full-process operations. Artificial intelligence algorithm guides production, big data and e-commerce business are closely combined to solve the problem of commodity layout, intelligent scheduling system solves the problem of matching production links, and modular design solves the problem of warehouse flexibility and expansion. Deep exploration includes machine learning, image recognition and other frontier issues and applications.

The landing of the unmanned warehouse plan will greatly reduce the storage cost and improve the storage efficiency, and this intelligent logistics system will lead the e-commerce logistics industry to achieve a comprehensive transformation and upgrade.

At present, JD.com has set up unmanned warehouses and robotic warehouses in several Asian No. 1 and warehousing and logistics centers, and has started to give full power to the outside world in the form of unmanned warehouse plan delivery, truly realizing the landing application in the actual scene.