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JD.com Logistics

JD.com started to build its own logistics system in 2007 and announced the establishment of JD.com Logistics Group in April 2017. Its mission is to reduce the cost of socialized logistics. JD.com is committed to fully opening up the infrastructure, management experience and professional technology accumulated over the past 10 years to the public and becoming the infrastructure of the social supply chain.

As the leader and practitioner of unbounded logistics, 360buy Logistics will create efficient, accurate and agile logistics services based on short chain supply around " short chain, intelligence and symbiosis". Through technological innovation, a comprehensive and intelligent logistics system will be realized. We will cooperate with partners, industry and society to build a symbiotic logistics ecology.

At present, JD.com Logistics has developed into the only enterprise in the world with six major logistics networks: small and medium-sized parts, large parts, cold chain, B2B, cross-border and crowdsourcing. JD.com Logistics has more than 500 logistics centers nationwide and operates 15 large intelligent logistics centers " Asia No. 1", which is one of the largest and most automated modern logistics centers in Asia. JD.com's logistics infrastructure covers an area of more than 12 million square meters and has become the largest logistics enterprise in the country. JD.com's large-scale logistics network and small and medium-sized parts network have all covered 100 % of the mainland's administrative districts and counties, and its own distribution service has now covered 99 % of the country's population, with more than 90 % of orders delivered 24 hours a day.