As a leader in new energy forklift trucks

As a leader in new energy forklift trucks, BYD forklift trucks have built high-quality products and provided customers with new energy logistics handling solutions after years of technological innovation and market development. BYD forklifts are powered by lithium batteries and do not emit any gas during use, nor do they produce polluting gases, which are green and environmentally friendly. Compact car body with advanced core technologies such as battery, motor, electric control and hydraulic system can match the power of fuel car. 1 hour fast charging, can meet the needs of continuous operation; Equipped with OPS system, power-off protection and overload protection, it is highly efficient and safe.


During the interactive exchange, the participants were attracted by BYD's new energy forklift technology and advantages shared by BYD, and consulted BYD's new energy forklift performance characteristics, use costs, operation methods and so on, and had the most direct experience of BYD's forklift through the on-site display of counterbalance forklift, pallet truck, mini truck and other products.

The green handling technology and application exhibited by BYD forklift actively echo the theme of " intelligent manufacturing + intelligent integration", not only showing the " green, efficient and low-cost logistics solution" brought by the new energy forklift, but also aiming to spread the new energy concept to various fields and create higher value for the society with clean energy.