Exhibitor information/VisionNavRobotics Limited

VisionNavRobotics Limited was founded in 2015, it is an industrial automatic driving technology enterprise hatched by the Robotics Research Institute of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Since 2011, the company has devoted itself to applying the world-leading core technologies such as vision positioning, control, navigation, obstacle avoidance, multi-machine scheduling and machine learning to the unmanned transformation of various industrial vehicles ( forklifts, tractors, port machinery ), and has closely integrated with the material handling links in important fields such as manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, terminal shipping and aerospace in China to realize " machine substitution".

The company's core products, the visual navigation unmanned forklift system ( pallet unmanned forklift, balanced unmanned forklift and forward unmanned forklift ), have been recognized and signed contracts by many of the world's top 500 and listed companies due to their four advantages of high cost performance, no need to modify the site environment, short construction period and adaptability to complex application scenarios.


With the plug-and-play and standardized intelligent visual positioning and navigation module, Future Robots Co., Ltd. has successfully launched the visual navigation unmanned forklift system ( pallet unmanned forklift, counterweight unmanned forklift, forward unmanned forklift ) and the visual navigation outdoor unmanned tractor. In addition, according to the customer's needs, the company can convert the customer's existing electric forklift / tractor into a visual navigation unmanned forklift / tractor.