CeMAT ASIA——Condense the strength of enterprises and boost the development of the industry

The Asia International Logistics Technology and Transportation System Exhibition ( Cemet Asia ) is one of the largest international exhibitions in Asia's material handling and logistics technology industry. As a member of the global series of CEMAT in Hannover, Germany, CEMAT Asia has always adhered to the advanced concept of technology, innovation and service of CEMAT and has established itself in the Chinese market to provide high-end professional display platforms for exhibitors. Since it was first held in 2000, it has successfully held 18 sessions. The exhibition area has continuously expanded, the quality of exhibits has continuously improved, and the professional audience has multiplied. It has become a weathervane for the development of the material handling and logistics technology industry in Asia.


Cemet Asia not only pays attention to the quality of its own exhibitions, but also has an unshirkable responsibility to promote the development of the industry. This year, our partner, the China Institute of Mechanical Engineering ( CMES ), will release the 2016 - 2017 China Logistics Storage Equipment Industry Development Report ( hereinafter referred to as " Blue Book" ) on the spot at Cemet Asia 2018.