Cemet Asia Zhixianghui

Cemet Asia Zhixianghui is committed to bringing together like-minded industry leaders, and we firmly believe that the chemical reaction of wisdom and belief will create a powerful force to push the industry forward. In August 2018, Cemet Asia Zhixianghui and China Mechanical Engineering Association ( CMES ) will jointly hold the " 2016 - 2017 China Logistics and Warehousing Equipment Industry Development Report" or " Blue Book" forum.


The preparation of the " Blue Book" was organized by the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society and jointly prepared by the Logistics Engineering Branch, the Logistics and Warehousing Machinery Association and Tongji University. It is guided by the national development strategic objectives. The main purpose is to report the overall development of the industry to the relevant enterprises in a timely manner. The second is to put forward scientific and reasonable reports to provide the government and official organizations with an objective and fair description of the development of the industry. The third is to provide real and credible industry status data for international exchanges and play an important role in guiding scientific research in relevant international academic exchanges.

In late August, Cemet Asia Zhixianghui, together with the China Institute of Mechanical Engineering, will invite top experts and senior leaders in the logistics industry to participate in the " Blue Book" discussion to jointly contribute to the development of China's logistics warehousing technology.