Cemet Asia's Wisdom Fair and Blue Book Talks

The summer heat in 2018 is unbearable, and the series of Cemet Asia events have also ushered in waves after waves of upsurge. After the World Logistics Day and the afternoon tea events in Shenzhen and Shanghai, another Cemet Asia's big IP will come back!

After more than a year, in late August 2018, Cemet Asia, a key IP, will soon return.

Confucius said: If a man is benevolent, he wants to set up a person, and if he wants to reach him, he will have talent. The remarkable development speed of China's logistics industry in recent years is not only taking advantage of the east wind of the times. After all, the tuyere will not teach you technology, nor will it help you upgrade your industry and renew your ideas. The development of any industry is people - oriented, and the insights, ideas and attitudes of the leaders of the logistics industry are the key to promoting the development of the industry. What is commendable is that the elites in the logistics industry not only have foresight and insight, but also have a mind to help the world.