From home to abroad, the " unconscious shopping" has pushed the retail industry to change continuously

As the first intelligent consumer experience supermarket based on AI technology in Southeast Asia, it is also the first store for Jingdong X unmanned supermarket to land overseas. Jingdong X unmanned supermarket's Indonesia PIK store covers an area of 270 square meters and includes more than 2,000 SKU items such as clothing, home furnishing, beauty makeup and daily snacks, making it the largest and richest of all Jingdong X unmanned supermarkets at present.

As in China, in Indonesia PIK store in X unmanned supermarket, consumers only need to brush their faces to enter the store, purchase intelligently and settle accounts without perception. When consumers enter the store, they bind their personal identity and payment information by brushing their faces. Because of the RFID radio frequency identification technology adopted in the supermarket, consumers only need to go through the intelligent settlement channel to finish the settlement. Unlike in China, 360buy X's Indonesian Pik Store pays more attention to the combination of offline retail and interactive experience. In 270 square meters of unmanned supermarket, consumers can " shop" and " buy" at will according to a wealth of goods to truly understand the new experience of unsuspecting shopping brought about by unmanned technology.

In addition, based on's rich SKU stock in Indonesia and its huge logistics and supply chain system, X unmanned supermarket Indonesia PIK store will regularly update SKU categories to meet different shopping needs of consumers on the basis of providing a large number of exclusive SKU.