China's black technology has gone abroad and the first unmanned supermarket in Southeast Asia has opened

Brush your face into the store, shop intelligently, pay without perception ... at pik avenue shopping center in Jakarta, Indonesia, the brand-new shopping method brought by jingdong unmanned technology is attracting more and more consumers to try to experience. On August 2, the first unmanned supermarket in Southeast Asia, Jingdong X Unmanned Supermarket Indonesia PIK Store, officially put into operation. As an innovative product of the deep integration of unmanned technology and unbounded retail, X Unmanned Supermarket has brought unprecedented shopping patterns to Indonesian consumers through Jingdong self-research technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and biometrics. At the same time, as a representative of retail infrastructure innovation, Jingdong X Unmanned Supermarket is promoting the change of global unbounded retail through overseas empowerment, helping Jingdong to move towards an international enterprise driven by technology and innovation.