JD.com Logistics joined hands with Shengshi Chinese Supply Chain to create a one-stop medical supply chain service

On August 6, 360buy Logistics and Beijing Shengshi Chinese Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. The two sides will complement each other's advantages and carry out multi-level and all-round cooperation to jointly open up the pharmaceutical logistics market and improve the efficiency of the social pharmaceutical supply chain.

According to the agreement, JD.com Logistics will give priority to opening up related resources in the pharmaceutical supply chain to the Chinese supply chain, including online pharmacy platform, storage resources, landing service, etc. The Chinese supply chain will actively provide medical logistics capacity resources and service capabilities, including road, railway, aviation, landing, city distribution, hospital distribution capacity resources, and cold chain vehicle verification services.

JD.com's medical network resources and business flow advantages, combined with the logistics supply chain service advantages of the Chinese supply chain, will jointly build an integrated medical supply chain service system, jointly expand new fields and create new ecology. JD.com's technological accumulation in logistics technology and big data, combined with Chinese supply chain's ability and experience in medicine cold chain, will work together to develop innovative products in cold chain supply chain and explore new markets.