Advanced Intelligent Logistics, All in CeMAT ASIA 2015

The annual CeMAT ASIA has been under the close preparation in this hot summer. With the approaching of this industry pageant, many exhibitors and visitors have been full of new expectations. Each year’s CeMAT ASIA is undoubtedly a “feast” with the innovations and highlights everywhere, where the buyers and the visitors can obtain what they want, and the exhibitors may display their latest “materials” and “cooking skills” on this arena. This year’s show will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on October 27-30, contributing a brand-new big industry Party.


All-new Pageant with the Innovation Highlights
This year’s show is themed with “Intelligent Logistics- Digitalization and Automation”, focusing on the great background of “Industrie 4.0” and “Made in China 2025”, to create a platform for enterprises to display in multiple aspects, realizing deep exchange and promoting the multifaceted cooperation. For the first time, CeMAT ASIA 2015 will enlarge its display scale from three halls to four halls with a total exhibition area over 40,000 sqm.


This year’s show is elaborately classified into eight exhibition themes, that is, system integration and solution, conveying equipment, automatic guided vehicle (AGV), forklift and the components, lifting device and accessories, pallet and rack, automatic identification (AUTO-ID) and machine vision, and logistics robot, so that buyers and visitors could quickly and accurately find the exhibition area they want to visit. W1 hall will present the brand-new intelligent forklift products and service concept in combination with the network platform. Linde Forklift will return to CeMAT ASIA 2015 in a large scale. Famous forklift enterprises from home and abroad, such as Jungheinrich, Vita, Heli and BYD, will also showcase various products with multiple technical innovations. In addition, W1 hall will set up “forklift leasing and aftermarket zone” for the first time, presenting new growing strengths of forklift leasing and aftermarket in China, which also shows the forward-looking attention of Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd. as the organizer of CeMAT ASIA to this market. Together with six industrial exhibitions of Hannover, the show crosses 17 halls of Shanghai New International Expo Center for the first time, getting through the upstream and downstream fields, creating the large industrial platform and more business opportunities. This year’s show also attracts many famous enterprises at home and abroad in the logistics equipment industry, hundreds of industry elites will gather here, to present the frontier operation demonstration in the world. This trip for the buyers and the visitors will be surely worthwhile.


      As the largest and most professional logistics exhibition in Asia, CeMAT ASIA has also provided the high-quality, high-efficiency and world leading services. The organizer makes efforts to select the professional visitors, to maximally improve the professional level of the exhibition. CeMAT ASIA 2015 will take the measures for the paid visit, to attract more professional visitors to the show. In addition, the organizer will provide the exchange and interaction platforms, such as online visitor center, online exhibition hall and business matching system for the exhibitors and the preregistered visitors obtaining tickets free of charge, to improve the visit efficiency and obtain more business opportunities.


W3 Hall: Arena for intelligent logistics equipment

With this year’s theme “intelligent logistics”, the W3 Intelligent Logistics Experience Hall created by the sponsor with great efforts is highly worth anticipating. Following the popularization of “Industrie 4.0” from Germany in the manufacturing industry of China, “Made in China 2025” planning is proposed in 2015, triggering more attentions in the manufacturing industry. This planning may be called as “Industrie 4.0” of China version, and represents the first ten-year action outline for the three ten-year “three-step” strategies in the building of strong manufacturing country in China. One of the very important core content of “Made in China 2025” is to push the deep fusion of informatization and industrialization, while intelligent manufacturing represents the main direction for this deep fusion. This planning proposes to study and formulate intelligent manufacturing development strategy, accelerate the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment and industry, and promote the intelligent manufacturing and so on. In 2014, “Medium and Long-Term Planning for the Development of Logistics Industry” was promulgated, defining 12 key projects in the logistics industry, and raising the requirements of building the modern logistics system by 2020; this year, “internet+” concept blows another wind into the circulation field, and the e-commerce and logistics industry “sees the light at the end of the tunnel”; in May, the landing of “Made in China 2025” directly triggered the opportunity for great development of intelligent logistics industry. In addition, high logistics cost in China and rapid development of e-commerce and cold chain industry, have objectively stimulated rapid march towards the intelligent and digitalized logistics equipment industry. Traditional logistics technology level has been difficult to meet the demand for the development of the times, and the intelligent logistics system has been an irresistible trend.

As the largest arena for the exhibition of advanced logistics technology in Asia and even in the world, CeMAT ASIA is undoubtedly the “barometer” of the times and the market demand. Under the great background of increasing demand for an intelligent logistics system, the sponsor will meticulously launch W3 Intelligent Logistics Experience Hall, which will surely bring completely new experience to you. Here, you will see the liveliest system integration solution, so as to understand the top-notch products and technologies, and experience the advanced intelligent logistics system in zero distance. Here, you will see the famous system integrators from around the world. The manufacturers such as Dematic, SSI Saefer, TGW, Swisslog, Vanderlande and Muratec will bring the foreign cutting-edge technology and philosophy. Manufacturers leading the development of intelligent logistics in China and representing the pride of the Chinese people, such as Kunming Shipbuilding Equipment, Siasun, Beijing Materials Handling Research Institute, Beijing Research Institute of Automation for Machinery Industry (RIAMB), New Trend International, Kenmec Mechanical Engineering and Inform Packing and so on will also make their presence on the show. Many other famous enterprises will be present at the exhibition, exhibiting the world top-level intelligent logistics equipment and technology, focusing on the implementation examples of intelligent logistics in retail, food, automobile, e-commerce, pharmaceutical, tobacco, port, postal service, electronic manufacturing and printing and packaging industries, to provide the solutions with more flexibility and diversity for the realization of low-cost and high-efficiency operation. Therefore, you can not only see the refreshing and cool “performance” of intelligent logistics equipment, but also broaden the vision, open the way of thinking, and stimulate the innovative thinking.


In combination with the intelligent logistics technology and equipment being displayed, you may participate in multiple technical forums in CeMAT ASIA 2015, listening to the experts to share the brand-new technologies and innovation knowledge by focusing on the interpretation of the demand in e-commerce, food, pharmaceutical, packaging and automobile industries. Star-level interpretation lineup and the dynamics of the industry will provide you with the cutting-edge technological innovation and thorough policy analysis.


CeMAT ASIA Innovation Salon: Innovation Storm Center

In addition, the innovation salon to be opened simultaneously with the exhibition will be the gathering place for CeMAT ASIA innovation. Since its launching in 2013, CeMAT ASIA Innovation Salon has gradually developed into the activity brand and industry innovation pageant for the exhibition. It integrates logistics equipment manufacturers, system integrators, users and buyers, industry associations and media, to provide the parties with an independent, open and free exchange platform, and till now, it has become the very center of innovation storm welcomed by the professionals. CeMAT ASIA Innovation Salon 2014 invites more than 40 distinguished guests from JD, Gome Online, DHL and CNSS, focusing on six hot topics to carry out profound discussion, attracting the logistics personnel from the industries, and achieving great success. CeMAT ASIA Innovation Salon 2015 will start from the all-new image, and adopt the unified marking color and activity LOGO, make meticulous selection and preparation from the invitation to the distinguished guest, topic setting and visitor selection, to provide better negotiation environment for the exhibitors, buyers and the parties, to promote more commercial cooperation, broaden wider innovation and international perspective, build more effective business link, construct richer commercial and social exchange network, and make deeper media report to realize wider trans-disciplinary synergy. CeMAT ASIA Innovation Salon 2015 will make exploration and sharing by focusing on seven industries, such as global logistics market, e-commerce, intelligent manufacturing industrial 4.0, intelligent logistics, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), logistics capital, and internet of vehicles, invite the leading enterprises and senior personnel from the industries, such as JD, Suning, Tmall, Haier, Huawei, P&G, Sinopharm, Benz, FAW and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and so on. At that moment, you will get together with more than 45 heavyweight distinguished guests and over 2,000 industry elites from the world to focus on the hot points of the industry development, analyze the perspective and trend of the industry,  break the bottleneck for the enterprises, and explore the future directions of the enterprises. Here, you will accept the baptism of thinking from innovation storm, break the fence of traditional concepts, and achieve the motive for future development. This is the place for the gathering of new products, technologies, ideas and concepts. This place might make you suddenly see the light, and make you meet your match in the contest and meet the excellent personnel. The idea sparks for innovation in this place might ignite the torch lighting up your road to future. Besides, we look forward to more distinguished guests to join the speech lineup of Innovation Salon, and share their frustrations and fruits on the way of innovation.

The “CeMAT ASIA 2015” train carrying intelligent logistics has been ready. See you in October in Shanghai!




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