• End-of-line packaging exhibition area - providing factory intelligence logistics packaging solution

    Innovation concept:

    Among the numerous development aspects of the manufacturing industry nowadays, end-of-line packaging process, which has undergone significant changes, plays ...

  • Preview of new exhibitors to CeMAT ASIA 2017

    TGW Group is the world-leading logistics system integrator and equipment supplier, providing the world-leading highly dynamic and a...

  • CeMAT ASIA 2017: Let logistics and automation take you to “brave the winds and waves”

    With respect to Internet plus logistics, the opinions vary. From the perspective of informatization, several logistics enterprises have caught the opportunity, launc...

  • PTC ASIA, ComVac ASIA and CeMAT ASIA 2016 Grandly Open Today in Shanghai

    The annual leading industrial events in Asia-Pacific region, PTC ASIA, ComVac ASIA and CeMAT ASIA grandly open at the Shanghai New International Expo Center this morning. Different from the prev...

  • Text on APEX Asia for Deutsche Messe

    APEX Asia: showcasing access equipment

    Visitors to CEMAT Asia 2017 will benefit from a new dedicated area, called APEX Asia, showcasing aeri...