What new requirements are put forward for express logistics in the new era?

From the perspective of economic and social infrastructure transformation, with the rapid development of the Internet and mobile Internet, the advancement of the industrial Internet, the maturity of technologies such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and logistics automation has transformed the Internet from technological means to economics. Social infrastructure. This is a dramatic change in the concept of infrastructure, where traditional infrastructures with static and physical attributes are integrated with digital and mobile Internet infrastructure to form a virtual infrastructure.

Infrastructure is the basic support of the economy and society. The transformation of infrastructure drives the economic and social reconstruction on new infrastructure, and it will bring many subversive changes. The main feature of the new infrastructure is that interconnection and interoperability breaks the boundary between enterprises and industries. Cross-border integration becomes a hot spot for innovation. Resource sharing has basic conditions, and efficient collaboration has become the development direction of enterprise supply chain.

In terms of major technological advances, major technological changes centered on information technology have promoted the integration of the information world and the logistics world, promoted the rapid development of artificial intelligence, and promoted the entry of human society into the era of wisdom. Its main feature is the fusion of human society, the opening of the era of wisdom, and the redrawing of the physical world by software systems.


The major changes in the development environment, infrastructure and technological progress of the new era have put forward new demands for the development and transformation of the express logistics industry.

In terms of economic development environment: consumption upgrading and service upgrading will definitely promote the transformation and upgrading of the express logistics industry, requiring e-commerce parcels to be delivered faster, time is more accurate, handover is more flexible, and services are more intimate; the green development of the social environment will certainly require Express logistics industry should eliminate excessive packaging, reduce garbage pollution, develop green logistics, and achieve sustainable development;

In terms of infrastructure transformation: smart infrastructure will promote express logistics enterprises to re-architect and integrate enterprise resources on new infrastructure, thus requiring efficient coordination of the entire chain of express logistics, optimization of sharing of land and air networks; demand for receiving, sorting, transportation, delivery The resources of each link should be fully integrated and efficiently configured; the information system of the postal express enterprise should be interconnected and upgraded, and the express delivery industry should enter the era of wisdom.

In terms of major technological changes: Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data technology applications have put forward new requirements for the digitalization of the whole process of the postal express industry; the trend of mechanization, automation, intelligence and unmanned development of logistics technology and equipment, The new requirements for the sorting operation of logistics and the modern technology upgrade of loading and unloading operations have been put forward.

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