JD Logistics IoT Sorting System Increases Sorting Efficiency by 5 Times

The first domestic IoT sorting system developed by JD is exposed. The system is based on the Internet of Things technology, integrating intelligent queuing import technology, UHF 360° reading technology, flexible sorting technology and other intelligent technologies. After many times of polishing and upgrading, the IoT sorting system can complete the sorting task of 4000 bags per hour, which is equivalent to identifying and sorting a bag only in 0.9 seconds, sorting efficiency is increased by 5 times, and sorting accuracy is as high as 99.99%.


The use of the IoT sorting system solves the problem that the bagging bag in the logistics industry cannot achieve direct automatic identification and sorting, and has a demonstration effect on the entire logistics industry. The bag is a woven bag or sack for storing multiple packages during the sorting process, which is convenient for packaging, loading and unloading and transporting the parcel. When the product is full, a bag has a height of about 1 meter and a weight of 10-50 kg. Such a bag has a large volume, an irregular shape, and an uneven surface. The bar code label attached to the surface is prone to wrinkles, and it is difficult to recognize the bar code label of the bag, whether it is a laser scanning device or a camera recognition device. The IoT sorting system solves this problem precisely, and the IoT sorting system is more than five times more efficient than the traditional one.

IoT sorting system is JD logistics in the field of intelligent logistics after the vertical sea, exoskeleton robot (14.430, -0.06, -0.41%), intelligent packaging machine, single piece separation system, cold chain cargo to people system, second collection system Another independent innovation. Wang Hao, head of JD Logistics Equipment Planning Department, said, “IoT Internet of Things is the next strategic high point of the logistics industry. With the development of IoT and 5G technology, JD will take the lead in realizing breakthroughs in technology and application in this field. Important support to achieve the core strategic objectives of 'experience-based, efficiency-winning'.

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