The Main Technology of Intelligent Logistics - GIS technology

GIS is the key technology and tool to build intelligent logistics. Using GIS, we can construct a diagram of logistics, manage order information, network information, delivery information, vehicle information, customer information and other data in one chart, and realize fast intelligent distribution, reasonable layout of network, reasonable planning of delivery route, package monitoring and management.


GIS technology can help logistics enterprises implement map-based services.


1. Dot marking: the network and dot information (such as address, telephone, delivery and other information) of logistics enterprises are marked on the map, which is convenient for users and enterprise managers to query quickly.


2. Area division: from the perspective of "geographical space" to manage big data, it provides business zoning management basic services for the logistics business system, such as the division of logistics sub-order responsibility area, and related to the network.


3. Fast sorting: using the GIS address matching technique, searching for the location division unit, and quickly assigning the address to the area and the network node. And finding the responsible person according to the attribute of the logistics division unit to realize the "Last kilometer" distribution.


4. Vehicle monitoring and management system: from goods out of storage to arrival customers in the hands of the whole monitoring, reduce the loss of goods, reasonable dispatch of vehicles, and improve vehicle utilization rate. All kinds of alarm settings can ensure the safety of cargo drivers and vehicles, to save enterprise resources.


5. The logistics distribution route planning auxiliary system is used to assist the logistics distribution planning. Reasonable planning of routes to ensure the rapid arrival of goods, save enterprise resources, improve customer satisfaction.