Picking process in General Warehouse

Make shipping plan according to customer order


The shipping plan is based on the customer's order. An order is an order information sent by a customer to a distribution center according to the needs of their goods.


After receiving the order information, the warehouse needs to confirm the order data, inventory inquiry and document processing, make the delivery schedule according to the customer's delivery requirements, and finally draw up the shipping plan.


Establish the way of picking goods


There are usually three ways to pick up goods: order picking, batch picking and compound picking. Order picking is to pick goods according to each order, batch picking is multiple orders accumulated into a batch, after the aggregate quantity to form a pick-up list, and then according to the instructions of the pick-up list to pick up the goods at one time, and then classify, and compound picking is to make full use of the characteristics of the above two methods, and comprehensive application in picking operations.


Make a picking list


Picking list is the warehouse to process the customer order data through the system, generate and print out the pick-up list. The picking list indicates the storage position and arranges the cargo number according to the storage order. The operator can shorten the picking path and improve the efficiency of picking operation.


Determine the route of picking and assign pickers


The warehouse can clarify the position of the commodity, determine the reasonable picking route, and arrange the picking-up personnel to carry out the picking operation according to the information such as the commodity code and the position number indicated by the picking list. (PS: Arrange the picking-up personnel to carry out the picking operation is based on the familiar knowledge of the operation personnel in the warehouse for the basic conditions of the warehouse, as well as the basic training in normal times.


Classification and treatment after picking


The selected goods are classified and concentrated according to different customers or delivery routes, and some goods that need to be processed need to be classified according to the processing method, and then classified and shipped in a certain way after processing.


The process of multi-variety distribution is complex, and it is difficult and easy to make mistakes. On the basis of the scale effect formed by the overall arrangement, the accuracy of the operation must be improved. In the case of small volume and light weight, manual sorting, mechanical auxiliary operation, or automatic sorting machine can be used to classify and concentrate the picked goods.