Packaging Technology in Logistics Warehouse - Earthquake protection technology

Shock-proof packaging is also known as cushioning packaging. From production to the beginning of use, the product has to go through a complex process, involving transportation, storage, stacking and loading and unloading and many other links. In every link, it will act forcefully on the product, which may cause mechanical damage to the product. In order to prevent product damage, it is necessary to try to reduce the impact of external forces. Shock-proof packaging is an effective measure, there are three main methods.


(1) Comprehensive shock-proof packaging method. It mainly refers to the packaging method which is filled with shockproof material between the inner package and the outer package.


(2) Part of the shock-proof packaging method. For products with good integrity and products with built-in containers, only shock-proof materials can be used as cushions at the corner or part of the product or inner packaging. The main packaging materials are foam shock pads, inflatable plastic film shock pads and rubber springs.


(3) Suspension shock proof packaging method. At present, the buffer protection technology provided by the packaging equipment market mainly involves the first and second items, the corresponding equipment includes bubble pad (column) production equipment, Kraft paper molding equipment, paper skin expansion and cutting equipment, and foaming (polyurethane) molding equipment. From the cost point of view, bubble cushions have more advantages; from the point of view of environmental protection, paper packaging has more advantages; from the protection characteristics, foaming molding is more reliable.